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Tri-State Mining Drill Logs

Oklahoma - Ottawa County (portions of)
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Kansas - Cherokee County (portions of)
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Missouri - Jasper County (portions of)
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Mining began in the Tri-State area in 1848 when lead ore was discovered north of Joplin, Missouri. Further exploration was prompted in the 1870’s when smelting plants were built in Kansas, increasing production of both lead and zinc. The largest discovery of ore happened in 1914, near Picher and Cardin, Oklahoma. The center of mining in the region moved to this area not long after. The Tri-State Lead-Zinc District was established in 1917.

Lead and zinc mining lasted in the region for over 100 years, from 1851 until 1967, when the reduction in prices for lead and zinc led to the decline and the eventual end of mining in the area. Missouri Southern State University acquired the Tri-State Mining Collection in 1979 from the Federal Bureau of Mines. The collection has been made widely available to the community including property owners, researchers, environmental agencies and groups, real estate developers, and engineers.

The Collection

The Tri-State Mining Collection at Missouri Southern State University contains over 4,000 mining Maps, and over 30,000 prospecting, or drill, logs that document the prospecting work, prior to lead and zinc mining in Southwest Missouri, Southeast Kansas, and Northeast Oklahoma. The collection has important historical, environmental, and economic information for the region. Covering the time period from the 1910s through the 1960s, the drill logs provide detailed information of prospecting work in the area.

To learn more about the collection, this history of the Tri-State District or to give feedback, visit our webpage here.

How to Use This Collection

This collection is searchable by a variety of fields.

  • The Township, Range and Section fields each provide the abbreviations and
    numbers used to identify the geographic area. See Additional Resources below
  • The Title field primarily contains mine or property names and hole numbers, although it occasionally has more descriptive content.
  • The Title.Alternative field is not available for all logs. When available, it provides additional information on company names, locations, surveys, or districts.
  • The Legal Description field has the plat locations designated in section-township-range format.
  • The Subject.LCSH field has information on the types of mining
  • The Subject.Local field contains information on mining districts, sub-districts and leases.
  • The Notes field contains any additional information that may be useful in locating or describing the log file information. This field is not available for all logs.
  • The County field represents the counties and states covered according to Library of Congress guidelines. Entries in this field look like "Jasper County (Mo.)".
  • The Corresponding Mining Map field lists mining maps that contain the hole(s) that are detailed on each log.
  • The Map Grid Locater field contains a code that can be used to locate the the hole in its corresponding map(s). This information is only used on half-section maps created by the Bureau of Mines that implement a grid system. The letter is on the vertical axis, and the number is on the horizontal.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

This collection implements Optical Character Recognition (OCR), which allows full-text searching for information that is present on the digitized image(s). Due to the poor scan quality of many log files that were processed, OCR is slightly unreliable, and may not accurately locate some information.


The Mining information included in this collection should only be used for informational purposes. Respect the rights of property owners. If you are interested in mining information found in this collection, contact your local land use authority to ensure that you are not encroaching on private property or violating applicable land use legislation. Understand that recreation in or around inactive mining sites is extremely dangerous and may result in legal action, serious injury, or death. Stay out!

Rights and Reproductions

For information on rights and reproductions from this collection, please contact Missouri Southern State University Archives and Special Collections by phone at 417-625-9552 or email to

Additional Resources

For the general audience, the Earth Point tool will help to place the logs in geographic context. If you search by the latitude and longitude of your location, you can match that information up with the public land survey system location, which is how this collection is arranged.

After searching your latitude and longitude information you will be given a meridian, a township and a range, which will correspond with the maps embedded in the page, or through an advanced search of Sec.#-T#-R#

If you are searching for locations using an external resource, the Townships and Ranges will be labeled with cardinal directions. For the purposes of this collection:

Note that the "Principal Meridian" field will be filled automatically. If you wish to search by longitude/latitude or something else, other searches are available from the left side bar.

For additional information on mining in southwest Missouri, please see:

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Sec.13-T29-R22 Sec.23-T29-R22 Sec.25-T29-R22 Sec.16-T29-R23 Sec.17-T29-R23 Sec.18-T29-R23 Sec.19-T29-R23 Sec.20-T29-R23 Sec.21-T29-R23 Sec.22-T29-R23 Sec.23-T29-R23 Sec.27-T29-R23 Sec.28-T29-R23 Sec.29-T29-R23 Sec.30-T29-R23 Sec.31-T29-R23 Sec.32-T29-R23 Sec.19-T29-R24 Sec.31-T29-R24 Sec.24-T28-R22 Sec.25-T28-R22 Sec.29-T28-R22 Sec.35-T28-R22 Sec.3-T28-R24 Sec.6-T28-R24 Sec.14-T29-R22 Sec.15-T29-R22 Sec.16-T29-R22 Sec.17-T29-R22 Sec.18-T29-R22 Sec.19-T29-R22 Sec.20-T29-R22 Sec.21-T29-R22 Sec.22-T29-R22 Sec.24-T29-R22 Sec.26-T29-R22 Sec.27-T29-R22 Sec.28-T29-R22 Sec.29-T29-R22 Sec.30-T29-R22 Sec.31-T29-R22 Sec.32-T29-R22 Sec.33-T29-R22 Sec.34-T29-R22 Sec.35-T29-R22 Sec.36-T29-R22 Sec.13-T29-R23 Sec.14-T29-R23 Sec.15-T29-R23 Sec.24-T29-R23 Sec.25-T29-R23 Sec.26-T29-R23 Sec.33-T29-R23 Sec.34-T29-R23 Sec.35-T29-R23 Sec.36-T29-R23 Sec.13-T29-R24 Sec.14-T29-R24 Sec.15-T29-R24 Sec.16-T29-R24 Sec.17-T29-R24 Sec.18-T29-R24 Sec.20-T29-R24 Sec.21-T29-R24 Sec.22-T29-R24 Sec.23-T29-R24 Sec.24-T29-R24 Sec.25-T29-R24 Sec.26-T29-R24 Sec.27-T29-R24 Sec.28-T29-R24 Sec.29-T29-R24 Sec.30-T29-R24 Sec.32-T29-R24 Sec.33-T29-R24 Sec.34-T29-R24 Sec.35-T29-R24 Sec.36-T29-R24 Sec.17-T29-R25 Sec.18-T29-R25 Sec.19-T29-R25 Sec.20-T29-R25 Sec.29-T29-R25 Sec.30-T29-R25 Sec.31-T29-R25 Sec.32-T29-R25 Sec.1-T28-R22 Sec.2-T28-R22 Sec.3-T28-R22 Sec.4-T28-R22 Sec.5-T28-R22 Sec.6-T28-R22 Sec.7-T28-R22 Sec.8-T28-R22 Sec.9-T28-R22 Sec.10-T28-R22 Sec.11-T28-R22 Sec.12-T28-R22 Sec.33-T28-R25 Sec.32-T28-R25 Sec.31-T28-R25 Sec.30-T28-R25 Sec.29-T28-R25 Sec.28-T28-R25 Sec.21-T28-R25 Sec.20-T28-R25 Sec.19-T28-R25 Sec.18-T28-R25 Sec.17-T28-R25 Sec.16-T28-R25 Sec.9-T28-R25 Sec.8-T28-R25 Sec.7-T28-R25 Sec.6-T28-R25 Sec.5-T28-R25 Sec.4-T28-R25 Sec.13-T28-R22 Sec.14-T28-R22 Sec.15-T28-R22 Sec.16-T28-R22 Sec.17-T28-R22 Sec.18-T28-R22 Sec.19-T28-R22 Sec.20-T28-R22 Sec.21-T28-R22 Sec.22-T28-R22 Sec.23-T28-R22 Sec.26-T28-R22 Sec.27-T28-R22 Sec.28-T28-R22 Sec.30-T28-R22 Sec.36-T28-R24 Sec.35-T28-R24 Sec.34-T28-R24 Sec.33-T28-R24 Sec.32-T28-R24 Sec.31-T28-R24 Sec.30-T28-R24 Sec.29-T28-R24 Sec.28-T28-R24 Sec.27-T28-R24 Sec.26-T28-R24 Sec.25-T28-R24 Sec.24-T29-R24 Sec.23-T28-R24 Sec.22-T28-R24 Sec.21-T28-R24 Sec.20-T28-R24 Sec.19-T28-R24 Sec.18-T28-R24 Sec.17-T28-R24 Sec.16-T28-R24 Sec.15-T28-R24 Sec.14-T28-R24 Sec.13-T28-R24 Sec.12-T28-R24 Sec.11-T28-R24 Sec.10-T28-R24 Sec.9-T28-R24 Sec.8-T28-R24 Sec.7-T28-R24 Sec.5-T28-R24 Sec.4-T28-R24 Sec.2-T28-R24 Sec.1-T28-R24 Sec.31-T28-R22 Sec.32-T28-R22 Sec.33-T28-R22 Sec.34-T28-R22 Sec.36-T28-R22 Sec.31-T28-R23 Sec.1-T28-R23 Sec.2-T28-R23 Sec.3-T28-R23 Sec.4-T28-R23 Sec.5-T28-R23 Sec.6-T28-R23 Sec.36-T28-R23 Sec.35-T28-R23 Sec.34-T28-R23 Sec.33-T28-R23 Sec.32-T28-R23 Sec.30-T28-R23 Sec.29-T28-R23 Sec.28-T28-R23 Sec.27-T28-R23 Sec.26-T28-R23 Sec.25-T28-R23 Sec.7-T28-R23 Sec.8-T28-R23 Sec.9-T28-R23 Sec.10-T28-R23 Sec.11-T28-R23 Sec.12-T28-R23 Sec.13-T28-R23 Sec.14-T28-R23 Sec.15-T28-R23 Sec.16-T28-R23 Sec.17-T28-R23 Sec.18-T28-R23 Sec.24-T28-R23 Sec.23-T28-R23 Sec.22-T28-R23 Sec.21-T28-R23 Sec.20-T28-R23 Sec.19-T28-R23 Sec.1-T35-R23 Sec.2-T35-R23 Sec.3-T35-R23 Sec.4-T35-R23 Sec.5-T35-R23 Sec.6-T35-R23 Sec.7-T35-R23 Sec.8-T35-R23 Sec.9-T35-R23 Sec.10-T35-R23 Sec.11-T35-R23 Sec.12-T35-R23 Sec.13-T35-R23 Sec.14-T35-R23 Sec.15-T35-R23 Sec.16-T35-R23 Sec.17-T35-R23 Sec.18-T35-R23 Sec.1-T35-R24 Sec.2-T35-R24 Sec.3-T35-R24 Sec.4-T35-R24 Sec.5-T35-R24 Sec.6-T35-R24 Sec.7-T35-R24 Sec.8-T35-R24 Sec.9-T35-R24 Sec.10-T35-R24 Sec.11-T35-R24 Sec.12-T35-R24 Sec.13-T35-R24 Sec.14-T35-R24 Sec.15-T35-R24 Sec.16-T35-R24 Sec.17-T35-R24 Sec.18-T35-R24 Sec.1-T35-R25 Sec.2-T35-R25 Sec.3-T35-R25 Sec.4-T35-R25 Sec.5-T35-R25 Sec.6-T35-R25 Sec.7-T35-R25 Sec.8-T35-R25 Sec.9-T35-R25 Sec.10-T35-R25 Sec.11-T35-R25 Sec.12-T35-R25 Sec.13-T35-R25 Sec.14-T35-R25 Sec.15-T35-R25 Sec.16-T35-R25 Sec.17-T35-R25 Sec.18-T35-R25 Sec.1-T34-R25 Sec.2-T34-R25 Sec.3-T34-R25 Sec.4-T34-R25 Sec.5-T34-R25 Sec.6-T34-R25 Sec.7-T34-R25 Sec.8-T34-R25 Sec.9-T34-R25 Sec.10-T34-R25 Sec.11-T34-R25 Sec.12-T34-R25 Sec.13-T34-R25 Sec.14-T34-R25 Sec.15-T34-R25 Sec.16-T34-R25 Sec.17-T34-R25 Sec.18-T34-R25 Sec.19-T34-R25 Sec.20-T34-R25 Sec.21-T34-R25 Sec.22-T34-R25 Sec.23-T34-R25 Sec.24-T34-R25 Sec.25-T34-R25 Sec.26-T34-R25 Sec.27-T34-R25 Sec.28-T34-R25 Sec.29-T34-R25 Sec.30-T34-R25 Sec.31-T34-R25 Sec.32-T34-R25 Sec.33-T34-R25 Sec.34-T34-R25 Sec.35-T34-R25 Sec.36-T34-R25 Sec.1-T34-R24 Sec.2-T34-R24 Sec.3-T34-R24 Sec.4-T34-R24 Sec.5-T34-R24 Sec.6-T34-R24 Sec.7-T34-R24 Sec.8-T34-R24 Sec.9-T34-R24 Sec.10-T34-R24 Sec.11-T34-R24 Sec.12-T34-R24 Sec.13-T34-R24 Sec.14-T34-R24 Sec.15-T34-R24 Sec.16-T34-R24 Sec.17-T34-R24 Sec.18-T34-R24 Sec.19-T34-R24 Sec.20-T34-R24 Sec.21-T34-R24 Sec.22-T34-R24 Sec.23-T34-R24 Sec.24-T34-R24 Sec.25-T34-R24 Sec.26-T34-R24 Sec.27-T34-R24 Sec.28-T34-R24 Sec.29-T34-R24 Sec.30-T34-R24 Sec.31-T34-R24 Sec.32-T34-R24 Sec.33-T34-R24 Sec.34-T34-R24 Sec.35-T34-R24 Sec.36-T34-R24 Sec.1-T34-R23 Sec.2-T34-R23 Sec.3-T34-R23 Sec.4-T34-R23 Sec.5-T34-R23 Sec.6-T34-R23 Sec.7-T34-R23 Sec.8-T34-R23 Sec.9-T34-R23 Sec.10-T34-R23 Sec.11-T34-R23 Sec.12-T34-R23 Sec.13-T34-R23 Sec.14-T34-R23 Sec.15-T34-R23 Sec.16-T34-R23 Sec.17-T34-R23 Sec.18-T34-R23 Sec.19-T34-R23 Sec.20-T34-R23 Sec.21-T34-R23 Sec.22-T34-R23 Sec.23-T34-R23 Sec.24-T34-R23 Sec.25-T34-R23 Sec.26-T34-R23 Sec.27-T34-R23 Sec.28-T34-R23 Sec.29-T34-R23 Sec.30-T34-R23 Sec.31-T34-R23 Sec.32-T34-R23 Sec.33-T34-R23 Sec.34-T34-R23 Sec.35-T34-R23 Sec.36-T34-R23 Sec.2-T27-R29 Sec.3-T27-R29 Sec.4-T27-R29 Sec.5-T27-R29 Sec.6-T27-R29 Sec.7-T27-R29 Sec.8-T27-R29 Sec.9-T27-R29 Sec.10-T27-R29 Sec.11-T27-R29 Sec.14-T27-R29 Sec.15-T27-R29 Sec.16-T27-R29 Sec.17-T27-R29 Sec.18-T27-R29 Sec.2-T28-R29 Sec.3-T28-R29 Sec.4-T28-R29 Sec.5-T28-R29 Sec.6-T29-R29 Sec.7-T29-R29 Sec.8-T29-R29 Sec.9-T29-R29 Sec.10-T29-R29 Sec.11-T29-R29 Sec.14-T29-R29 Sec.15-T29-R29 Sec.16-T29-R29 Sec.17-T29-R29 Sec.18-T29-R29 Sec.19-T29-R29 Sec.20-T29-R29 Sec.21-T28-R29 Sec.22-T28-R29 Sec.23-T28-R29 Sec.26-T28-R29 Sec.27-T28-R29 Sec.28-T28-R29 Sec.29-T28-R29 Sec.30-T28-R29 Sec.31-T28-R29 Sec.32-T28-R29 Sec.33-T28-R29 Sec.34-T28-R29 Sec.35-T28-R29 Sec.1-T28-R30 Sec.2-T28-R30 Sec.3-T28-R30 Sec.4-T28-R30 Sec.5-T28-R30 Sec.6-T28-R30 Sec.7-T28-R30 Sec.8-T28-R30 Sec.9-T28-R30 Sec.10-T28-R30 Sec.11-T28-R30 Sec.12-T28-R30 Sec.13-T28-R30 Sec.14-T28-R30 Sec.15-T28-R30 Sec.16-T28-R30 Sec.17-T28-R30 Sec.18-T28-R30 Sec.19-T28-R30 Sec.20-T28-R30 Sec.21-T28-R30 Sec.22-T28-R30 Sec.23-T28-R30 Sec.24-T28-R30 Sec.25-T28-R30 Sec.26-T28-R30 Sec.27-T28-R30 Sec.28-T28-R30 Sec.29-T28-R30 Sec.30-T28-R30 Sec.31-T28-R30 Sec.32-T28-R30 Sec.33-T28-R30 Sec.34-T28-R30 Sec.35-T28-R30 Sec.36-T28-R30 Sec.1-T29-R30 Sec.2-T29-R30 Sec.3-T29-R30 Sec.4-T29-R30 Sec.5-T29-R30 Sec.6-T29-R30 Sec.7-T29-R30 Sec.8-T29-R30 Sec.9-T29-R30 Sec.10-T29-R30 Sec.11-T29-R30 Sec.12-T29-R30 Sec.13-T29-R30 Sec.14-T29-R30 Sec.15-T29-R30 Sec.16-T29-R30 Sec.17-T29-R30 Sec.18-T29-R30 Sec.19-T29-R30 Sec.20-T29-R30 Sec.21-T29-R30 Sec.22-T29-R30 Sec.23-T29-R30 Sec.24-T29-R30 Sec.25-T29-R30 Sec.26-T29-R30 Sec.27-T29-R30 Sec.28-T29-R30 Sec.29-T29-R30 Sec.30-T29-R30 Sec.31-T29-R30 Sec.32-T29-R30 Sec.33-T29-R30 Sec.34-T29-R30 Sec.35-T29-R30 Sec.36-T29-R30 Sec.2-T29-R29 Sec.3-T29-R29 Sec.4-T29-R29 Sec.5-T29-R29 Sec.6-T29-R29 Sec.7-T29-R29 Sec.8-T29-T29 Sec.9-T29-R29 Sec.10-T29-R29 Sec.11-T29-R29 Sec.14-T29-R29 Sec.15-T29-R29 Sec.16-T29-R29 Sec.17-T29-T29 Sec.18-T29-R29 Sec.19-T29-R29 Sec.20-T29-R29 Sec.21-T29-R29 Sec.22-T29-R29 Sec.23-T29-R29 Sec.26-T29-R29 Sec.27-T29-R29 Sec.28-T29-R29 Sec.29-T29-R29 Sec.30-T29-R29 Sec.31-T29-R29 Sec.32-T29-R29 Sec.33-T29-R29 Sec.34-T29-R29 Sec.35-T29-R29 Sec.1-T27-R30 Sec.2-T27-R30 Sec.3-T27-R30 Sec.4-T27-R30 Sec.5-T27-R30 Sec.6-T27-R30 Sec.7-T27-R30 Sec.8-T27-R30 Sec.9-T27-R30 Sec.10-T27-R30 Sec.11-T29-R30 Sec.12-T29-R30 Sec.13-T29-R30 Sec.14-T29-R30 Sec.15-T29-R30 Sec.16-T29-R30 Sec.17-T29-R30 Sec.18-T29-R30 Sec.1-T27-R31 Sec.2-T27-R31 Sec.3-T27-R31 Sec.4-T27-R31 Sec.5-T27-R31 Sec.6-T27-R31 Sec.7-T27-R31 Sec.8-T27-R31 Sec.9-T27-R31 Sec.10-T27-R31 Sec.11-T27-R31 Sec.12-T27-R31 Sec.13-T27-R31 Sec.14-T27-R31 Sec.15-T27-R31 Sec.16-T27-R31 Sec.17-T27-R31 Sec.18-T27-R31 Sec.1-T27-R32 Sec.2-T27-R32 Sec.3-T27-R32 Sec.4-T27-R32 Sec.5-T27-R32 Sec.6-T27-R32 Sec.12-T27-R32 Sec.11-T27-R32 Sec.10-T27-R32 Sec.9-T27-R32 Sec.8-T27-R32 Sec.7-T27-R32 Sec.1-T28-R31 Sec.2-T28-R31 Sec.3-T28-R31 Sec.4-T28-R31 Sec.5-T28-R31 Sec.6-T28-R31 Sec.7-T28-R31 Sec.8-T28-R31 Sec.9-T28-R31 Sec.10-T28-R31 Sec.11-T28-R31 Sec.12-T28-R31 Sec.13-T28-R31 Sec.14-T28-R31 Sec.15-T28-R31 Sec.16-T28-R31 Sec.17-T28-R31 Sec.18-T28-R31 Sec.19-T28-R31 Sec.20-T28-R31 Sec.21-T28-R31 Sec.22-T28-R31 Sec.23-T28-R31 Sec.24-T28-R31 Sec.25-T28-R31 Sec.26-T28-R31 Sec.27-T28-R31 Sec.28-T28-R31 Sec.29-T28-R31 Sec.30-T28-R31 Sec.31-T28-R31 Sec.32-T28-R31 Sec.33-T28-R31 Sec.34-T28-R31 Sec.35-T28-R31 Sec.36-T28-R31 Sec.1-T29-R31 Sec.13-T27-R32 Sec.14-T27-R32 Sec.15-T27-R32 Sec.16-T27-R32 Sec.17-T27-R32 Sec.18-T27-R32 Sec.1-T28-R32 Sec.2-T28-R32 Sec.3-T28-R32 Sec.4-T28-R32 Sec.5-T28-R32 Sec.6-T28-R32 Sec.7-T28-R32 Sec.8-T28-R32 Sec.9-T28-R32 Sec.10-T28-R32 Sec.11-T28-R32 Sec.12-T28-R32 Sec.13-T28-R32 Sec.14-T28-R32 Sec.15-T28-R32 Sec.16-T28-R32 Sec.17-T28-R32 Sec.18-T28-R32 Sec.1-T27-R34 Sec.2-T27-R34 Sec.11-T27-R34 Sec.12-T27-R34 Sec.13-T27-R34 Sec.14-T27-R34 Sec.19-T28-R32 Sec.20-T28-R32 Sec.21-T28-R32 Sec.22-T28-R32 Sec.23-T28-R32 Sec.24-T28-R32 Sec.1-T29-R31 Sec.2-T29-R31 Sec.3-T29-R31 Sec.4-T29-T31 Sec.5-T29-R31 Sec.6-T29-R31 Sec.7-T29-R31 Sec.8-T29-R31 Sec.9-T29-R31 Sec.10-T29-R31 Sec.11-T29-R31 Sec.12-T29-R31 Sec.13-T29-R31 Sec.14-T29-R31 Sec.15-T29-R31 Sec.16-T29-R31 Sec.17-T29-R31 Sec.18-T29-R31 Sec.19-T29-R31 Sec.20-T29-R31 Sec.21-T29-R31 Sec.22-T29-R31 Sec.23-T29-R31 Sec.24-T29-R31 Sec.25-T29-R31 Sec.26-T29-R31 Sec.27-T29-R31 Sec.28-T29-R31 Sec.29-T29-R31 Sec.30-T29-R31 Sec.31-T29-R31 Sec.32-T29-R31 Sec.33-T29-R31 Sec.34-T29-R31 Sec.35-T29-R31 Sec.36-T29-R31 Sec.25-T28-R32 Sec.26-T28-R32 Sec.27-T28-R32 Sec.28-T28-R32 Sec.29-T28-R32 Sec.30-T28-R32 Sec.1-T28-R34 Sec.2-T28-R34 Sec.11-T28-R34 Sec.12-T28-R34 Sec.13-T28-R34 Sec.14-T28-R34 Sec.23-T28-R34 Sec.24-T28-R34 Sec.25-T28-R34 Sec.26-T28-R34 Sec.35-T28-R34 Sec.36-T28-R34 Sec.31-T28-R32 Sec.32-T28-R32 Sec.33-T28-R32 Sec.34-T28-R32 Sec.35-T28-R32 Sec.36-T28-R32 Sec.1-T29-R32 Sec.2-T29-R32 Sec.3-T29-R32 Sec.4-T29-R32 Sec.5-T29-R32 Sec.6-T29-R32 Sec.7-T29-R32 Sec.8-T29-R32 Sec.9-T29-R32 Sec.10-T29-R32 Sec.11-T29-R32 Sec.12-T29-R32 Sec.1-T29-R34 Sec.2-T29-R34 Sec.3-T29-R34 Sec.10-T29-R34 Sec.11-T29-R34 Sec.12-T29-R34 Sec.13-T29-R34 Sec.14-T29-R34 Sec.23-T29-R34 Sec.24-T29-R34 Sec.25-T29-R34 Sec.26-T29-R34 Sec.35-T29-R34 Sec.36-T29-R34 Sec.13-T29-R32 Sec.14-T29-R32 Sec.15-T29-R32 Sec.16-T29-R32 Sec.17-T29-R32 Sec.18-T29-R32 Sec.1-T27-R33 Sec.2-T27-R33 Sec.3-T27-R33 Sec.4-T27-R33 Sec.5-T27-R33 Sec.6-T27-R33 Sec.7-T27-R33 Sec.8-T27-R33 Sec.9-T27-R33 Sec.10-T27-R33 Sec.11-T27-R33 Sec.12-T27-R33 Sec.13-T27-R33 Sec.14-T27-R33 Sec.15-T27-R33 Sec.16-T27-R33 Sec.17-T27-R33 Sec.18-T27-R33 Sec.1-T29-R33 Sec.2-T29-R33 Sec.3-T29-R33 Sec.4-T29-R33 Sec.5-T29-R33 Sec.6-T29-R33 Sec.7-T29-R33 Sec.8-T29-R33 Sec.9-T29-R33 Sec.10-T29-R33 Sec.11-T29-R33 Sec.12-T29-R33 Sec.13-T29-R33 Sec.14-T29-R33 Sec.15-T29-R33 Sec.16-T29-R33 Sec.17-T29-R33 Sec.18-T29-R33 Sec.19-T29-R33 Sec.20-T29-R33 Sec.21-T29-R33 Sec.22-T29-R33 Sec.23-T29-R33 Sec.24-T29-R33 Sec.25-T29-R33 Sec.26-T29-R33 Sec.27-T29-R33 Sec.28-T29-R33 Sec.29-T29-R33 Sec.30-T29-R33 Sec.31-T29-R33 Sec.32-T29-R33 Sec.33-T29-R33 Sec.34-T29-R33 Sec.35-T29-R33 Sec.36-T29-R33 Sec.19-T29-R32 Sec.20-T29-R32 Sec.21-T29-R32 Sec.22-T29-R32 Sec.23-T29-R32 Sec.24-T29-R32 Sec.25-T29-R32 Sec.26-T29-R32 Sec.27-T29-R32 Sec.28-T29-R32 Sec.29-T29-R32 Sec.30-T29-R32 Sec.31-T29-R32 Sec.32-T29-R32 Sec.33-T29-R32 Sec.34-T29-R32 Sec.35-T29-R32 Sec.36-T29-R32 Sec.1-T28-R33 Sec.2-T28-R33 Sec.3-T28-R33 Sec.4-T28-R33 Sec.5-T28-R33 Sec.6-T28-R33 Sec.7-T28-R33 Sec.8-T28-R33 Sec.9-T28-R33 Sec.10-T28-R33 Sec.11-T28-R33 Sec.12-T28-R33 Sec.13-T28-R33 Sec.14-T28-R33 Sec.15-T28-R33 Sec.16-T28-R33 Sec.17-T28-R33 Sec.18-T28-R33 Sec.19-T28-R33 Sec.20-T28-R33 Sec.21-T28-R33 Sec.22-T28-R33 Sec.23-T28-R33 Sec.24-T28-R33 Sec.25-T28-R33 Sec.26-T28-R33 Sec.27-T28-R33 Sec.28-T28-R33 Sec.29-T28-R33 Sec.30-T28-R33 Sec.31-T28-R33 Sec.32-T28-R33 Sec.33-T28-R33 Sec.34-T28-R33 Sec.35-T28-R33 Sec.36-T28-R33
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